PREY Elevators

We have been building elevators for over one hundred years – and they keep becoming better every day! From standardised lifts produced in series to premium products to high-end systems for mega-yachts – we offer customers a wide array of elevators ranging in type and size.

With an in-house production and service depth of over 80%, we are one of the few “real” elevator producers left in Germany. From steel and glass to sheet metal and cabin construction to control panels and systems design, we have control over our entire value-added chain within our own production facilities.

Furthermore, we exclusively install core components of the highest quality from Germany, Switzerland and Italy that are freely accessible on the market and ensure our customers as operators of our products their independence in their choice of a service supplier.

Delivering high quality solutions, using the best materials and workmanship and state-of-the-art technology are our trademarks. PREY Elevators last longer, are easier to maintain and reflect the best price-quality ratio over time, the highest level of value added and that of value and investment security for buyers and operators.

PREY is the quality leader!